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  • Welcome to Grocerii

    Welcome to Grocerii

    Grocerii service is a combination web and mobile application service to allow you to shop for the best prices of everyday grocery items near you. With the Grocerii web application and the accompanying mobile applications you can organize your grocery lists, share your lists, discover local and manufacturer coupons and make decision on where to purchase your grocery items based on the best prices available in your area. In the process you get the best value and reduce your shopping bill by more than 40%. Start by Registering Now
  • Organize your Lists

    Organize your Lists

    Start by registering for the service and creating your grocery lists. You can create many lists and organize them by stores, items, weekly or monthly, special occasions, etc. You can reuse the lists and make changes to them anytime. If you have more than one person in the family that shops for groceries, share your lists with them and split the tasks. You can also add items to lists based on what coupons are available or what recipes you want to prepare. The lists are available automatically in your mobile application, so you can access them when you are on the go. Start by Registering Now
  • Discover Coupons

    Discover Coupons

    We have a listing of the available manufacturing coupons as well as weekly/monthly coupons offered by your local grocery stores. Browse these coupons and add any item from the coupon to your existing lists. Coupons are also automatically applied to your list based on the selection of your items.
  • Find Best Prices

    Find Best Prices

    Find the best prices on your grocery list by choosing your favorite stores or through our mobile application by finding stores and their prices near where you are. You can see the best prices for your items and see savings you can make instantly on your list. You may decide to take advantage of the best prices by making an additional stop.